Climb Earth

The Climbing Grade Converter

Climb Earth™ is simply the most comprehensive, accurate and easy way to convert between the different rock climbing grade systems used all over the world.

There are amazing rocks to climb all over the world!  But what do you do when the local guidebook rates climbs in an entirely different system than the one you are familiar with?  It’s not a problem if you have Badfish Apps’ Climb Earth, the Climbing Grade Converter for iPhone and iPod Touch.  You won’t have to worry about getting on a climb without knowing it’s difficulty.  Simply convert the local climb’s rating into the system you use at home and see the results on a large, easy-to-read display.

Climb Earth is the only climbing grade conversion app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that performs an actual conversion between different grading systems.  Each system is composed of a different number of grades, and therefore, a single grade in one system may be equivalent to a range of grades in another system.  Other climbing grade conversion apps do not take this into account and may say that a conversion for a specific grade is not available, even though a conversion for the next easiest grade and next hardest grade is available.  Climb Earth won’t leave you hanging like that.

And unlike other climbing grade conversion apps, Climb Earth maximizes the display to show you the relevant data, namely the conversion you are using.  Climb Earth shows you exactly what you need to convert your local climbing grade system into the system at the crag you are trying to climb so you can understand the difficulty and crush the route or problem in front of you!

Climb Earth.  Letting you push your limits all over the world!





  • Instant conversions.
  • Simple to use, just swipe to change systems!
  • Large, high contrast fonts for easy reading outside in direct sunlight.
  • Convert between all major systems, and between route climbing grades and bouldering grades.

Convert between these route grading systems:

  • Brazilian
  • British Adjectival
  • British Technical
  • Danish
  • Ewbank
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Kurtyka
  • Kyrgyz
  • Norwegian
  • Saxon
  • South African
  • Swedish
  • UIAA
  • Ukrainian
  • Yosemite Decimal System

And convert between these bouldering grading systems:

  • Fontainebleau
  • Hueco V-Scale
  • Ogawayama
  • Peak Bouldering
  • Toyota
* Climbing grades are inherently subjective.

 Warning: Climbing is Dangerous